Maxim Lany, acclaimed DJ, producer, and remixer has established himself as an architect of awe-inspiring aural landscapes that leave an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. Embodying a sound that is at once vast and intimate, Maxim’s compositions offer a sonic odyssey that resonates with his audience’s innermost senses. Originating from the vibrant heart of Ghent, Maxim has sculpted his signature sound over a rich decade-plus career, earning a venerated spot amongst Belgium’s electronic music elite.

His groundbreaking single ‘Renaissance’, released by Armada Electronic Elements in 2019, not only propelled Maxim to global recognition but also became an anthem that echoed across continents. Garnering over 5 million streams and earning praise from industry heavyweights such as Mixmag, ‘Renaissance’ secured a place in the vanguard of that year’s musical landscape. The track’s reverberations were felt in the support of illustrious DJs like Solomun, Kölsch, and David Guetta.

Following this trailblazing success, Maxim’s creative fervor birthed singles like ‘People Of The Night’, ‘Coming’, and ‘Closer’, which further cemented his connection with fans and culminated in his debut album, ‘Closer (You’re Not Alone)’.

As 2023 unfolded, Maxim’s reputation soared, bolstered by the endorsement of international icons such as Korolova and Camelphat. His tracks became anthems, echoed by the global electronic community.

His performances are a tapestry of memorable experiences, spanning the globe from the iconic Tomorrowland Main Stage to the pulsating beats of Bar Americas in Mexico. Not just content with traditional venues, Maxim has crafted extraordinary live streams, transforming locations like the Brussels Airport tarmac into a stage for musical ingenuity.

Maxim’s proficiency with technology extends beyond the stage; he imparts his knowledge at esteemed institutions like Armada University at ADE and the Tomorrowland Academy, shaping the next generation of music industry talents.

2024 stretches before Maxim Lany, brimming with potential as he readies a constellation of remixes and collaborations, each promising to elevate his artistry to new zeniths. With projects like the innovative CLOSER concept and a Kompass residency, the coming year is poised to be a landmark in his ever-ascending journey.

Releases on Armada Music, EЯЯORR, and remixes for Anjunadeep and ZeroThree are but a prelude to the opus Maxim is composing with every beat, every mix, every moment he captivates the dance floor.