Icon. Living legend. Both definitions apply to Marco Bailey, a self-taught DJ and producer from Belgium. His career started to develop in the late 80s after attending a local club in his native Belgium and being completely seduced by the rhythmic power of dance music. Since then, he has committed his life to music and is known as an artist constantly pushing techno to its next level.

He has produced his own tracks, managed his first own label MB Elektronics (established in 2001), and of course, has traveled all around the world to make people dance and go crazy with his flawless technique and impeccable selection. During his career, he has released acclaimed singles, EPs, and albums on labels like Bonzai Records, Primate, Prime’vill, Intec, Arts, Kombination Research, and many more, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach and the desire to not just ignore, but break -or crush- the mold of what can be considered a trend in a certain moment. On each production, he stays 100% true to his instinct and beliefs, and that is an unbreakable pact with his heart.

Nowadays, as an innovator and an artist completely and permanently devoted to his craft, he’s at the helm of MATERIA, a concept that was born in 2015 as a successful event dedicated to techno in its purest form. Four years later, this meeting point for techno lovers is known as a concept that also includes a healthy label with over 20 releases from first-class names and a biweekly radio program that has welcomed revered selectors such as The Advent and Paul Ritch, as well as new talents Kas:st and Yotam Avni. Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Barcelona, Liverpool, Amsterdam, and his hometown of Belgium have already witnessed the complete effect of MATERIA, and more places will soon join the route.

With all these credits, it is not hard to clearly notice that for Marco Bailey music is everything, and the hot projects prepared for the upcoming months will prove it once again.

So, plans to slow down or put on the breaks? Not a chance. Not even close. Get ready for Marco Bailey on 2023 and many years to come.