Format:B is a music project comprising Franziskus and Jakob. Jakob, originally from Kreuzberg, Berlin, started playing bass guitar at the age of 15, which eventually led him to the world of funk and jazz bands. However, his interest in Techno parties eventually led him to buy an Atari St40 and a cheap synthesizer, hoping to make techno music himself. On the other hand, Franziskus, from Erfurt, started playing the piano at the age of six and had a wide range of musical interests before discovering the 4/4 beat at the E-Werk in 1993. He eventually took up residency at the Sub ground Lighthouse After hour and started getting bookings.

The paths of Franziskus and Jakob crossed while they were both studying to be sound engineers, and they eventually decided to collaborate on a music project together. They started producing hit-singles like «Vivian Wheeler» and «Edding 850» and founded their own label, Formatik Records, in August 2009. They also built a new studio in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg to work on their second album called «Restless.» They collaborated with brilliant techno artists like Sébastien Léger, Hugo, and Super Flu, and the latter remixed their track «Gospel,» which became a hit and brought Formatik Records to the attention of the world.

Due to their success, Format:B was «forced» to tour extensively, performing in Australia, Asia, and the USA, where they discovered their biggest fan base in South America. They found the Watergate Club in Berlin to be the best place to celebrate their own label nights. The story of Format:B is one of two musicians with different musical backgrounds coming together to create a unique sound that has gained worldwide recognition.