Music producer and composer. Passionate about music from an early age, he approaches the world of musical instruments by studying piano first and then moving on to guitar and bass.

The passion and the continuous search for more and more particular and experimental sounds leads Michele to the discovery and study of electronic music, experimenting with the use of sound synthesis and composition of music using synthesizers and electric instruments.

Fascinated by the world of electronic music and clubs, he begins to produce his first music works Electro, House, Afro under different Aliases and then in 2017 decide to start his Aldebaran project.

Thanks to the originality and quality of its compositions, some of the most prestigious independent labels of the European panorama such as (Multinotes, Buttress, Innervisions, Afterlife) are interested in the project e have chosen to release the artist’s music. Michele’s musical research is constantly evolving and transforming in parallel with mutations cultural and social events of our time.