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JESSE PEREZ Territories: North America and Latin America


Jesse Perez is a larger than life character who doesn't like to reveal too much about himself. Instead, his big personality shines through in his music. Whether he was actually conceived in a motel in Little Havana, we do not know. Was his dad a pimp who was ten years younger than him? Probably not. But these are stories he puts out there.

Having released on essential labels like Hot Creations, I'm A House Ganster, Bpitch Control, Avotre and Eats Everything Editable, in 2017 he dropped "Fake" on his own Mr Nice Guy Records, which went on to be one of the tracks of the summer and was subsequently given the remix treatment by Steve Lawler.

Jesse finished up 2017 with his follow-up single Daddy on Toolroom, a release for DJ Funk on Hot Creations and the accolade of No. 6 in Traxsource’s Tech House Top 100.

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