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Territories: North America and Latin America


Polish born VONDA7 landed in Berlin many BPMs ago. A purveyor of hypnotic grooves, she speaks in synthesised melodies and laughs in heavy basslines that wash over you like what can only be described as a seriously slick musical baptism.

DJ and label owner VONDA7 is a true musical explorer – not afraid to take risks, she has built a sterling reputation based on bold moves and crossing over genres.

She channels her varied influences into productions and mixing that covers the gamut of electronic music – as Kristan Caryl (Mixmag) puts it – VONDA7 grew up on hip-hop and R’n’B, soon discovering French House and techno. During time spent in the UK she soaked up garage and Caribbean Sounds, and later dived head-first into disco in Amsterdam. She draws on all that when turning out multifaceted tracks (…) Euphoric techno bangers, high tempo disco reworks, heartbroken and acid-laced downtempo pop – she’s done it all’.

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